If I Were You Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 11 with Answers

If I Were You Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 11 with Answers

We have Provided the CBSE Solutions chapter-wise for Class 9 English Beehive Chapter 11 If I Were You with Answers by expert subject teacher for latest syllabus and examination. Students also can take a free CBSE Solutions of If I Were You. Each question has right answer Solved by Expert Teacher.

CBSE Solutions Class 9 English Beehive Prose

Thinking about the Text

I. Answer these questions.

1) “At last a sympathetic audience.”

(i) Who says this?
(ii) Why does he say it?
(iii) Is he sarcastic or serious?

(i) Gerrard says the given statement.
(ii) He says it when the intruder asks him to talk about himself.
(iii) He is sarcastic.

2) Why does the intruder choose Gerrard as the man whose identity he wants to take on?

Answer: The Intruder chooses Gerrard. It is because he finds him closely similar to him. If he wears clothes like Gerrard does, no one will know that they are two persons.

3) “I said it with bullets.”

(i) Who says this?
(ii) What does it mean?
(iii) Is it the truth? What is the speaker’s reason for saying this?

(i) Gerrard says the given statement.
(ii) It means that when he was in trouble, he had shot someone to escape.
(iii) No, it is not the truth. Gerrard says this to manipulate the intruder so that he does not kill him.

4) What is Gerrard’s profession? Quote the parts of the play that support your answer.

Answer: Gerrard was a playwright. He says in the end of the play, “Sorry, I can’t let you have the props in time for rehearsal. I think I’ll put it in my next play.”

5) “You’ll soon stop being smart.”

(i) Who says this?
(ii) Why does the speaker say it?
(iii) What according to the speaker will stop Gerrard from being smart?

Answer: (i) The intruder says the line.
(ii) The speaker says it to frighten Gerrard.
(iii) According to the intruder, Gerrard would stop being smart once he knew what was going to happen to him. The intruder’s plan was to kill Gerard and take over his identity. He felt that when Gerrard would know this, he would stop being smart and start getting scared.

6) “They can’t hang me twice.”

(i) Who says this?
(ii) Why does the speaker say it?

(i) The Intruder says this to Gerrard.
(ii) The Intruder told that he had already killed someone. If he was caught after murdering Gerrard, he would be hanged only once and not twice.

7) “A mystery I propose to explain.” What is the mystery the speaker proposes to explain?

Answer: The mystery that the speaker, Gerrard, proposes to explain is why he himself is a mystery man. He explains to the intruder that he himself is a criminal who is on the run. That is the reason why he does not meet tradespeople. He says that he murdered someone and got away with it. But now he was in a trouble and that’s why his bag was all packed to escape again.

8) “This is your big surprise.”

(i) Where has this been said in the play?
(ii) What is the surprise?

Answer: (i) Gerrard speaks this line. He tells the intruder that if he is not hanged for his murder, he will certainly be hanged being Vincent Charles Gerrard. At this time he utters these words.
(ii) The big surprise is that Gerrard will not be killed by him. He is right in saying this.

Thinking about Language

I. Consult your dictionary and choose the correct word from the pairs given in brackets.

1) The (site, cite) of the accident was (ghastly/ghostly).
2) Our college (principle/principal) is very strict.
3) I studied (continuously/continually) for eight hours.
4) The fog had an adverse (affect/effect) on the traffic.
5) Cezanne, the famous French painter, was a brilliant (artist/artiste).
6) The book that you gave me yesterday is an extraordinary (collage/college) of science fiction and mystery.
7) Our school will (host/hoist) an exhibition on cruelty to animals and wildlife conservation.
8) Screw the lid tightly onto the top of the bottle and (shake/shape) well before using the contents.


1) site, ghastly
2) principal
3) continuously
4) effect
5) artist
6) collage
7) host
8) shake

II. Irony is when we say one thing but mean another, usually the opposite of what we say. When someone makes a mistake and you say, “Oh! that was clever!”, that is irony. You’re saying ‘clever‘ to mean ‘not clever’.

box here

Expressions we often use in an ironic fashion are:
• Oh, wasn’t that clever!/Oh that was clever!
• You have been a great help, I must say!
• You’ve got yourself into a lovely mess, haven’t you?
• Oh, very funny!/ How funny!

We use a slightly different tone of voice when we use these words ironically. Read the play carefully and find the words and expressions Gerrard uses in an ironic way. Then say what these expressions really mean. Two examples have been given below. Write down three more such expressions along with what they really mean.

What the author saysWhat he means
Why, this is a surprise, Mr —er—He pretends that the intruder is a social visitor whom he is welcoming. In this way he hides his fear.
At last a sympathetic audience!He pretends that the intruder wants to listen to him, whereas actually the intruder wants to find out information for his own use.


What the author saysWhat he means
You have been so modest.Gerrard says this to express how immodest the intruder has been by not talking about himself at all.
At last a sympathetic audience!At last a sympathetic audience! Gerrard says this sarcastically as the intruder is asking about Gerrard while holding a gun.
You won’t kill me for a very good reason.Gerrard says this as if he has some ‘very good reason’ to be spared by the intruder. He says this so as to create a doubt in the intruder about killing him.

Dictionary Use

A word can mean different things in different contexts. Look at these three sentences:
• The students are taught to respect different cultures.
• The school is organising a cultural show.
• His voice is cultured.

In the first sentence, ‘culture’ (noun) means way of life ; in the second, ‘cultural’ (adjective) means connected with art, literature and music ; and in the third, ‘cultured’ (verb) means sophisticated, well-mannered. Usually a dictionary helps you identify the right meaning by giving you signposts.
Look up the dictionary entries for the words sympathy, familiarity, comfort, care, and surprise. Use the information given in the dictionary and complete the table.


Q1. Imagine you are Gerrard. Tell your friend what happened when the Intruder broke into your house. [Clues : Describe (i) the intruder — his appearance, the way he spoke, his plan, his movements, etc., (ii) how you outwitted him.]

Answer: Last night, while I was on the phone, a intruder broke into my cottage. He had a gun in his hand. He was a criminal on the run. He was planning to kill me and steal my identity. He kept threatening me with the gun and asked me to tell everything about myself. I did not reveal my true profession and instead gave him a dodge. I told him that just like him, I too am a criminal and that is why killing me will not do any good to him. I told him that I was in trouble myself and had to escape. While trying to come out of the cottage, I locked him up in the cupboard and called the police. That’s how I was able to outwit him and save myself.

Q2. Enact the play in the class. Pay special attention to words given in italics before a dialogue. These words will tell you whether the dialogue has to be said in a happy, sarcastic or ironic tone and how the characters move and what they do as they speak. Read these carefully before you enact the play.

Answer: Do it yourself.


I. Which of the words below describe Gerrard and which describe the Intruder?

smart, humorous, clever,
beautiful, cool, confident,
flashy, witty, nonchalant,

Write a paragraph each about Gerrard and the Intruder to show what qualities they have. (You can use some of the words given above.)

Answer: errard:

Gerrard is a smart and humorous person. He is clever and confident. Even in a life-threatening situation, he is cool and handles the situation in an amazing way. Instead of losing his mind and getting killed by the intruder, he quickly cooks up a story of being an on-the-run criminal. He is a witty person who saves himself and gets the intruder behind bars.


The intruder is a flashy person who tries to be very smart from the very beginning. He believes the cooked-up story of Gerrard and agrees to get out of the cottage with Gerrard. We see that the intruder is then locked up by Gerrard and the intruder even loses his gun to Gerrard.

II. Convert the play into a story (150–200 words). Your story should be as exciting and as witty as the play. Provide a suitable title to it.

Answer: Do it yourself.

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