Should Wizard Hit Mommy Solutions for Class 12 English Vista Chapter 5 with Answers

Should Wizard Hit Mommy Solutions for Class 12 English Vista Chapter 5 with Answers

We have Provided the NCERT/CBSE Solutions chapter-wise for Class 12 English Vista Chapter 5 Should Wizard Hit Mommy with Answers by expert subject teacher for latest syllabus and examination. Students also can take a free NCERT Solutions of Should Wizard Hit Mommy . Each question has right answer Solved by Expert Teacher.

NCERT Solutions Class 12 English Flamingo Vista

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Q1. Who is Jo? How does she respond to her father’s story-telling?

Answer: Jo is the shortened form of Joanne. She is the four year old daughter of Jack and Clare. For the last two years, her father, Jack, has been telling her bed-time stories. Since these stories are woven around the same basic tale and have the same characters and turn of events, Jo takes so many things for granted and takes active interest in the story-telling session. The protagonist (main character) is always named Roger. It may be Roger Fish, Roger Squirrel, Roger Chipmunk or Roger Skunk. The other characters are the huge, wise, old owl and the thin small wizard. The creatures of the forest—small animals—also take part in playing with Roger and liking/disliking him.

Q2. What possible plot line could the story continue with?

Answer: From the perspective of Jo, the story should have ended with a happy note of Roger Skunk getting rid of the foul smell forever and being able to play with all other children. However, from the perspective of Jack, the story may not have such an innocent fairy tale ending. In the process of story telling, it was evident that Jack got nostalgic about his own childhood and his mother. Thus, he brought in his own perspective.

Q3.What do you think was Jo’s problem?

Answer: Little Jo had been accustomed to the happy ending of the stories of Roger, where the wizard was helpful to him in fulfilling his wish. At the request of Roger Skunk, the wizard had changed his awful smell to that of the roses. Other small animals liked it and played with Roger Skunk happily. She could not digest the ending of the extended story where Roger Skunk’s mother hit the wizard on the head and forced him to change Skunk’s smell to the earlier foul one.
Jo could not accept that mother’s stubbornness-hitting the well wisher of her son, Roger Skunk. Jo insisted that her father should tell her the same story again the next day with changed ending. The wizard should hit that unreasonable mummy on the head and leave Roger Skunk emitting the pleasant smell of roses. In the beautiful world of a child’s imagination, fairies and wizard’s are more real than reality itself. She could not digest the harsh realities of life. She did not like the unfeeling mother who hit the benefactor of her son.

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Q1. What is the moral issue that the story raises?

Answer: If we view the story very deeply we can come across two types of moral issues. One is regarding the proper understanding of the infants feelings and their pains as well as whims. The story under our purview presents that Roger Skunk smells too bad to play and enjoy with other animals. He is badly hurt and fails to stay in the company of his friends. With the advice of a wise owl, he seeks the help of a Wizard who gets his smell changed.

Thus Roger Skunk feels elated with the friend but the Mommy of Roger Skunk does not like. She takes the baby Skunk to the Wizard and hits on the head who in turn changes Roger Skunk to the original smell. Finding the baby in the original condition Mommay hugs and shows affection. Here Jo does not like this type of behaviour on the part of Snunk’s mother. She wants that the Wizard should hit mommy. On the other side, Roger Skunk faces racial segregation. He smells bad. It is not his fault. But the other animals of the forest do not come near them and refuse to play. They call him “Roger, Stinky Roger.” The pain becomes so unbearable that tears roll over his cheeks. The Wizard changes his smell and other animals start playing and like his company. But the mother gets him changed to the original smell. Thus in the world of children, ugliness and hatred have no place. It is pure in every respect. We as human being, should follow this.

Q2. How does Jo want the story to end and why?

Answer: Jo was not convinced with the ending of the story and coaxed her father to retell the story the next day giving the story a predetermined path that she had set. According to her, neither Roger Skunk nor the wizard was wrong in the story. Jo refused to accept the end where Roger Skunk’s mother hits the wizard and that too without being hit back. She wanted the story to end with the wizard hitting back the mother skunk with his magic wand and chopping off her arms ‘forcely’.

Q3. Why does Jack insist that it was the wizard that was hit and not the mother?

Answer: Jack has the typical parental attitude. He is of the opinion that the parents know what is best for their children. He asserts the parental authority time and again to quieten Jo and stifle her objections and amendments to the story of the foul smelling Skunk related by him.
He defends the attitude of Roger Skunk’s mother. She does not approve of the unnatural, unskunk like smell that Roger has. She calls the sweet smell of the roses an awful smell. Earlier the little skunk smelled the way a little skunk should. She wants the natural characteristic—the foul smell—restored. He says that she knew what was right. Secondly, the little skunk loved his mommy more than he loved all the other animals. That is why, he took his mommy to the wizard. She hit the wizard and forced him to change the smell of roses to his earlier bad odour, He insisted on this ending to emphasize the concern of the parents for children and their role in bringing them up on proper lines.

Q4. What makes Jack feel caught in an ugly middle position?

Answer: Jack could not decide what was right. Do parents have the right to decide about the future of their children? Or should the children be allowed to decide their own career? When his pregnant wife wants his attention and his daughter also wants him, he is torn between the two. He is also torn between the imaginative world (of the various Rogers and their problems; the owl and the wizard) that he has created for his daughter and the real world full of responsibilities.

Q5. What is your stance regarding the two endings to the Roger Skunk story?

Answer: Bearing in mind Jo’s tender age, both endings seem a bit irrational. It is likely that, at this age, she will benefit from everything she hears and visualizes. According to Jack, if the story ends, Jo will never be able to doubt something she finds wrong in life because this ending stresses that the elders are always right about everything they do. Additionally, the story shows the mommy of the skunk hitting the wizard for his no-fault. The magician had done only what was asked of him. It will scare the four-year-old Jo, because it teaches that, even though they are not at fault, mothers, as elders, have the right to strike one.

Unless the story ends as Jo wanted it to, on the contrary, it would stop her from believing in and honoring her elders. She might even begin to believe there’s nothing wrong with hitting elders.

Q6. Why is an adult’s perspective on life different from that of a child’s?

Answer: It is an acceptable fact that adults are more mature, considerate and wise than that of child. They are the better judge of good or bad events so they form a very judicious opinion on every matter. They give a well thought, analyse and form opinion. On the other hand, children are ignorant, innocent and unexperienced. Their whims and aspirations roam in the romantic world of their own. Thus, a child symbolises innocence and spontaneity while an adult has a practical approach.

In the story Should Wizard Hit ‘Mommy’, a four year girl, Jo, represents innocence and immaturity. She wants Wizard to hit mommy as she has forced the Wizard to transmit the offensive smell in Skunk rather than the rose smell. The girl does not think appropriate that the mommy should hit the Wizard. From her perspective, it has been worthy if the Wizard hits mommy since Skunk too needs company to play. On the other hand, Jack tries to justify that what he does, has been the sanctified view.

Extar Qustions of Should Wizard Hit Mommy

Q1. Why, do you think, did Roger Skunk’s mommy insist on taking him to the wizard at once?

Answer: Roger Skunk’s mommy wanted young skunk to smell the way a little skunk should. She did not want him to acquire the artificial and uncharacteristic smell of the roses. The foul smell was a tool for him to keep the enemy away. That is why she hit the wizard right over the head and he agreed to restore the original ‘foul’ smell.

Q2. What is mother Skunk’s role in the story?

Answer: Mother Skunk is there to make Roger realise the importance of originality, individuality and identity. Roger Skunk is not to be ashamed of his natural attributes. She is also a decisive and protective parent, who does not hesitate to hit the wizard on his head for this reason.

Q3. What is your stance regarding the two endings to Roger Skunk’s story?

Answer: The end of Jo’s story ensures poetic justice—where good is rewarded. Roger Skunk was innocent and having him suffer comes across as unjust. The skunk had found friends after long. Being isolated and humiliated is not good for a child’s psyche. It is important that his mommy understood his need for acceptance amongst his peers. The end of Jack’s story gives out that the world is based on individual differences. One has to be true to one’s identity. Parents are better judge of the situation. One should accept of life in all its colours.

Q4. Which two factors made Jack continue the story?

Answer: Roger Skunk had returned home at dark after playing happily with the other little animals. Jo did not fall asleep. She was starting to fuss with her hands and look out of the window. She thought the story was over. Jack did not like women when they took anything for granted. He liked them to be worried. So he continued the story.

Q5. Having got rid of his stink, what problem did Roger Skunk face?

Answer: Roger Skunk’s smell of roses was not liked by his mother. She wanted to know who had changed his original smell. She went to the wizard with an umbrella and hit the wizard right over his head. Roger Skunk then was given back his former smell.

Q6. What was Roger Skunk’s problem? How was it resolved?

Answer: In Roger Skunk’s story, Roger Skunk smelt very bad. It was because of his foul smell none of the other little creatures would play with him. Tiny animals called him Roger “Stinky Skunk” which made him miserable.He could do nothing but cry. The owl suggested that Roger Skunk meet the wizard. He told Roger that to go there the skunk needed to go through the dark woods, under the apple trees, into the swamp, over the crick to the wizard’s house. The wizard granted Roger Skunk his wish and soon he smelt of roses. He found friends with his new smell but his mother felt that he smelt awful. She took him back to that “awful wizard”, hit him on his head and the wizard made Roger Skunk smell bad again.

Q7. How did Jo react to Jack’s chanting of the magic spell ?

Answer: Jack chanted the magic spell as the wizard would do. When he paused, he noticed a rapt expression widening out from his daughter’s nostrils. She forced her eyebrows up and her lower lip down in a wide noiseless grin. This expression reminded Jack of his wife’s expression while feigning pleasure at cocktail parties.

Q8. Which do you think is a better ending of Roger Skunk’s story, Jo’s or her father’s? Why?

Answer: A better ending of Roger Skunk’s story would have been Jo’s—for Roger Skunk to smell like roses forever. The mother need not have interfered in the matter. Roger Skunk would have, over a period of time, understood himself whether it was right or wrong. I believe that Jo’s idea of the wizard hitting the mother is wrong, just like it was wrong on the part of the mother to hit the wizard.

Q9. Which two opposite forces acted on Jack while he was telling Jo a story about the little skunk?

Answer: Jack was happy that he was telling Jo something true, something she must know. He had no wish to hurry on. But just then, a chair scraped downstairs. He realised that he must get down to help his wife, Clare to paint the woodwork in the living room. Thus, the interests of daughter and wife pulled him in different directions like two opposite forces.

Q10. How did Roger Skunk pay the wizard?

Answer: Roger Skunk only had four shillings to pay the wizard. The wizard wanted seven shillings. On seeing Roger Skunk’s sad face, the wizard takes pity on him and directs him for the remaining three shillings. Roger Skunk goes in search of them and eventually pays the wizard the money.

Q11. What used to be Jack’s style of story-telling?

Answer: Jack can be called a perfect story-teller. He could change his subject at the spur of the moment and could even create new stories. In order to maintain the lively interest of Jo, he had the ability to create desired effects on his daughter. The old Wizard’s voice was one of Jack’s own favourite effects. He did it by shrinking his face and eyes.

Q12. Which animal did Jo suggest for the story that day? What do you know about this new animal?

Answer: Jo suggested ‘skunk’ for the story that day. It was a new animal for her. They must be talking about it at nursery school. A skunk or a pole-cat is a small black and white North American animal. It can produce a strong unpleasant smell to defend itself when it is attacked.

Q13. Why did Jo think Roger Skunk was better off with the new smell?

Answer: Jo thought about Roger Skunk and his wish to smell better in order to play with his friends from a child’s perspective. For her, it was important that wishes are fulfilled, and a wish of being able to play was foremost.

Q14. hat action of Jo annoyed Jack? What do you think disturbed him?

Answer: Roger Skunk began to cry as he had only four pennies. Jo made the crying face again, but this time without a trace of sincerity. This annoyed Jack. Some more furniture rumbled down stairs. Jack thought that Clare shouldn’t move heavy things. He was worried because she was six months pregnant. It would be their third child.

Q15. What possible plot line could the story continue with?

Answer: In this story Jack has told that Roger Skunk smelled like roses because of the Wizard’s magic spell. But the mother of Roger Skunk did not like this change. She resented very sharply and asked who had made him smell like roses. Skunk replied ‘The Wizard’. Skunk pleaded that he wanted to enjoy with other animals and the rose smell was appropriate. She did not agree and took Skunk back to the Wizard. She hit the Wizard with her hand and Skunk started smelling bad again. Here, Jo did not like the plot line. She called Skunk’s mother “A stupid mommy.” She wanted the Wizard to hit Skunk’s mommy.

Q16. How did Jack imagine the reaction of Roger Skunk on being universally detested ?

Answer: Whenever Roger Skunk went out to play, all of the other tiny animals would cry: “Uh-oh, here comes Roger Stinky Skunk”. Then they would run away. Roger Skunk would stand there all alone. Two little round tears would fall from his eyes. Jack would relate all this with zest, remembering certain humiliations of his own childhood.

Q17. Why did Jo disapprove of Jack’s ending of the story of Roger Skunk? How did she want it to end?

Answer: In Jack’s story, the protagonist, Roger Skunk, is shown as an obedient child. He meekly goes with his mother to get his previous smell back. This was against his wishes and he would have rather wished the smell of roses, since it would have enabled him to have friends to play with. Jo is a child and from a child’s perspective, playing with friends is very important. Therefore, she wanted it to end it with Roger Skunk smelling like roses and being able to play with his friends. She also wanted the wizard to hit the mother.

Q18. How was the Skunk’s story different from the other stories narrated by Jack?

Answer: The stories told by Jack were well taken by Jo. But the ending of the Skunk’s story did not satisfy her. She believed that the wizard should have hit back Skunk’s mommy and Skunk would have kept smelling like roses.

Q19. Describe Jack’s style of storytelling.

Answer: Jack is the person whose style of story-telling expresses his art, wisdom, intelligence and cunningness. Story-telling has become a necessary ritual for him. He is accustomed to tell stories mostly in the evenings and for Saturday naps to his little daughter Jo. He has been telling the stories since she was of two years. All the stories are of his own creation and these revolve round an animal Roger Skunk. He changes them with a slight variation but the basic tale remains the same. Each story describes a small creature named Roger. It can be Roger Fish, Roger Squirrel, Roger Chipmunk or Roger Skunk, etc. Every story has a wise owl and a Wizard with a magic wand.

Jack possesses the art of creating desired effect on the listener, i.e. Jo since he understands the pulse of his daughter. He speaks and acts in such a way so as to keep her interest in-act. He is perfect in the art of imitating the voice of the old Wizard. He can narrate the story with the pace and tone of the occasion. He is always full of creative enthusiasm. Through his facial expressions, he can act like that of his characters that he invents in the story. He keeps the interest of his daughter very lively.

Q20. What was the problem that Roger Skunk was involved in? How did he get it solved?

Answer: Roger Skunk lived with his Mommy Skunk in a deep forest. There came a foul smell from him. This resulted a great trouble for Roger Skunk. Whenever he went to play with other animals, they would run away because of his bad smell. None would like to play with him so he always remained desolate, alone and troublesome. While playing they would nickname him by calling “Roger Stinky Skunk.” Then he would stand alone and tears would fall from his eyes.

On the tip-top of a very big tree, there lived a wise owl. He decided to see its advice for the solution. He walked very sadly and troubled. He approached to the tree in order to tell the problem. After having a patient hearing and deep meditation, the owl advised him to see the Wizard at his house. Roger Skunk reached there and told his problem. The Wizard agreed to help him with his fee. He asked Roger Skunk what he wanted to smell like. Roger Skunk desired to smell like roses. With the help of his magic wand and spell, the Wizard filled him with the smell of roses. Roger Skunk was deeply happy for having smelt like roses.

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