An Imperial Capital Vijayanagara MCQ Questions for Class 12 History Chapter 7 with Answers

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MCQ Questions for Class 12 History with Answers: Themes in Indian History

Q1. Which Persian ambassador visited the Vijayanagara Empire?

(i) Domingo Paes
(ii) Nicolo de Conti
(iii) Abdur Razzaq
(iv) Duarte Barbosa

(iii) Abdur Razzaq

Q2. The first dynasty that ruled over Vijayanagara Empire was

(i) Suluva dynasty
(ii) Sangarna dynasty
(iii) Tuluva dynasty
(iv) Aravidu dynasty

(ii) Sangama dynasty

Q3. The scenes from Ramayana were sculpted on the inner walls of:

(i) Lotus Mahal
(ii) Hazara Rama Temple
(iii) Virupaksha Temple
(iv) Vitthala Temple

(ii) Hazara Rama Temple

Q4. Which of the following statements is correct regarding the Amara-nayaka system?

(i) The Amara-nayakas were traders.
(ii) Main features of this system were derived from the mansabdari system.
(iii) Kings had no control over the Amara- nayakas.
(iv) The Amara-nayakas were military commanders who were given territories to govern by the Raya.

(iv) The Amara-nayakas were military commanders who were given territories to govern by the Raya.

Q5. Which of these rivers was the major source of water for Vijayanagara

(i) Kaveri
(ii) Krishna
(iii) Tungabhadra
(iv) Mahanadi

(iii) Tunga Bhadra

Q6. In 1565 AD, the Vijayanagara army fought the battle of Rakshasi-Tangadi under

(i) Krishnadeva Raya
(ii) Rama Raya
(iii) Harihara
(iv) Bukka

(ii) Rama Raya

Q7. Which traveller called the ‘Mahanavami Dibba’ as the ‘House of Victory’?

(i) Duarte Barbosa
(ii) Fernao Nuniz
(iii) Domingo Paes
(iv) Abdur Razzaq

(iii) Domingo Paes

Q8. When was Hampi declared as of the place of national importance?

(i) 1976
(ii) 1980
(iii) 1982
(iv) 1986

(i) 1976

Q9. The ruins at Hampi were brought to light in 1800 by

(i) Alexander Greenlaw.
(ii) Colonel Colin Mackenzie.
(iii) Fernao Nuniz.
(iv) J.F. Fleet.

(ii) Colonel Colin Mackenzie.

Q10. Harihara and Bukka belonged to which dynasty?

(i) Tuluva
(ii) Saluvas
(iii) Aravidu
(iv) Sangam

(iv) Sangam

Q11. Which of the following dynasties ruled Vijayanagara?

(i) Sangam dynasty
(ii) Saluva dynasty
(iii) Tuluva dynasty
(iv) All of these

(iv) All of these

Q12. The ruins of Hampi were brought to light in:

(i) 1800
(ii) 1845
(iii) 1856
(iv) 1858

(i) 1800

Q13. Krishnadeva Raya belonged to which dynasty?

(i) Sangam
(ii) Tuluva
(iii) Saluvas
(iv) Aravidu

(ii) Tuluva

Q14. Who established the Vijayanagara Kingdom?

(i) Hasan Gangu
(ii) Prantak I
(iii) Harihara and Bukka
(iv) Krishadeva Raya

(iii) Harihara and Bukka

Q15. Which goddess is called Pampa?

(i) Goddess Parvati.
(ii) Goddess Saraswati.
(iii) Goddess Lakshmi.
(iv) None of the above

(i) Goddess Parvati.

Q16. Krishnadeva Raya ascended the throne in the year

(i) 1507 AD.
(ii) 1509 AD.
(iii) 1503 AD.
(iv) 1512 AD.

(i) Goddess Parvati.

(i) Goddess Parvati.

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Themes in Indian History MCQ Questions for Class 12 History with Answers

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