Class 12 GK MCQ Questions SET-1 with Answers free PDF Download

We have provide class 12 GK MCQ Questions with Answers free PDF. Download based on the important concepts and topics given in the textbook as per new exam pattern. All these Class 12 GK MCQs Multiple Choice Questions with Answers provided here with detailed solutions. Use them as reference and be confident in the actual exam by practicing the MCQ Quiz Questions of Class 12 GK as much as you can. Each question has four options followed by the right answer.

MCQ Questions for Class 12 GK Questions with Answers

Q1. The headquarters of Reserve Bank of India is situated in which city?

(i) New Delhi
(ii) Mumbai
(iii) Lucknow
(iv) Pune

(ii) Mumbai

Q2.Who was the first governor of RBI who later became the Finance minister of India?

(i) Manmohan Singh
(ii) I G patel
(iii) Bengal Rama rau
(iv) Cd Desh mukh right

(iv) Desh mukh right

Q3. Sports Diets Before Competition Has High Source Of

(i) Protein
(ii) Fats
(iii) Simple Carbohydrates
(iv) None Of These

(iii) Simple Carbohydrates

Q4.The place in India receiving the lowest rainfall is?

(i) Jodhpur
(ii) Jaipur
(iii) Leh
(iv) Srinagar

(iii) Leh

Q5. The Kandaleru Dam is located in which state?

(i) Kerala
(ii) Maharashtra
(iii) Andhra Pradesh
(iv) Goa

(iii) Andhra Pradesh

Q6. Who is the Author of The Name of the Rose?

(i) John Steinbeck
(ii) William Shakespeare
(iii) Umberto Eco
(iv) J K Rowling

(iii) Umberto Eco

Q7. Shiva keshavan representative India in the winter Olympics on six occasion in which of these disciplines?

(i) Skeleton
(ii) Bobsling
(iii) Alpine Skiing
(iv) Luge

(iv) Luge

Q8.Balance Diet Consists Of

(i) Proteins
(ii) Fruits
(iii) Fats
(iv) All Of Components

(iv) All Of Components

Q9.How much plains area of India ?

(i) 96.3
(ii) 43.3
(iii) 66.3
(iv) 22.9

(ii) 43.3

Q10. Me-Dam-Me-Phi’ festival is a festival of which the communities in North Eastern India?

(i) Tai-Ahom
(ii) Deori Tribe
(iii) Garo
(iv) Khasi

(i) Tai-Ahom

Q11. Which of these poet’s was popularly known As Vikatakavi?

(i) Chand Bardai
(ii) Kalidasa
(iii) Banabhatta
(iv) Tenali Ram

(iv) Tenali Ram

Q12.Which Is Not Symptom Of Food Intolerance .

(i) Fatigue
(ii) Diarrhea
(iii) Nausea
(iv) Night Blindness

(iv) Night Blindness

Q13. Badrinath Temple is in which state?

(i) Tamil Nadu
(ii) Uttarakhand
(iii) Himachal Pradesh
(iv) Assam

(ii) Uttarakhand.

Q14. Which among the following is terms is commonly not associated with Budgets in India?

(i) Outcome Budget
(ii) Gender Budget
(iii) Austerity Budget
(iv) Gros

(iii) Austerity Budget

Q15. Which Of The Following Falls In The Category Of Macro Nutrients .

(i) Carbohydrates ,Fat And Protein
(ii) Vitamins , Minerals, Water, Fiber
(iii) Carbohydrates , Vitamins , Minerals
(iv) Fat, Minerals, Roughage And Proteins

(i) Carbohydrates ,Fat And Protein

Q16. Which is the capital of the Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli?

(i) Panaji
(ii) Dispur
(iii) Silvassa
(iv) None of These

(iii) Silvassa

Q17. Which of the following organization was not established by BR Ambedkar?

(i) Depressed Classes Institute
(ii) Samaj Samata Sangh
(iii) Zero Club
(iv) People’s Education Society

(iii) Zero Club

Q18.Which of these cities does not have an indian institute of management?

(i) Bengaluru
(ii) Indore
(iii) Ahmedabad
(iv) Kharagpur

(iv) Kharagpur

Q19. Which Of The Following Is A Micronutrient

(i) Calcium
(ii) Potassium
(iii) Magnesium
(iv) All Of These

(iv) All Of These

Q20. Which is the oldest mountain range in India?

(i) Satpura Range
(ii) Aravali Range
(iii) Vindhya Range
(iv) Pir Panjal Range

(ii) Aravali Range

Q21. Which among the following is a place in Larkana district of Sind province in Pakistan?

(i) Alamgirpur
(ii) Harappa
(iii) Rangapur
(iv) Mohenjo-Daro

(iv) Mohenjo Daro

Q22. What is the full form of MTR the name of the famous ready to eat food enterprise?

(i) Madurai Tiffin Room
(ii) Madras tiffin Room
(iii) Mangalore tiffin Room
(iv) Mavalli Tiffin Room

(iv) Mavalli Tiffin Room Right

Q23. A Balance Diet Consists Of.

(i) All Essential Nutrients Except Vitamin
(ii) All Essential Nutrients In Sufficient Quantity
(iii) Only Carbohydrate And Fats
(iv) Only Protein And Fats

(i) All Essential Nutrients Except Vitamin

Q24.Where is the National Stock Exchange

(i) Chennai
(ii) Mumbai
(iii) New Delhi
(iv) Kolkata

(ii) Mumbai

Q25. At the 2018 US open tennis championships who beat the six times champion Serena Williams in the women single finally?

(i) Sloane Stephens
(ii) Angelique Kerber
(iii) Flavia pennetta
(iv) Naomi Osaka

(iv) Naomi Osaka

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