In the Kingdom of Fools NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 4 with Answers

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CBSE Solutions Class 9 English Moments

Think about it

Q1. What are the two strange things the guru and his disciple find in the Kingdom of Fools?

Answer: The Guru and the disciple found that in the Kingdom of Fools people used to work during nights and sleep during days. Everything was cheap and cost the same.

Q2. Why does the disciple decide to stay in the Kingdom of Fools? Is it a good idea?

Answer: The disciple decides to stay in the Kingdom of Fools because everything was cheap in that kingdom. He wanted to have good, cheap food.

Q3. Name all the people who are tried in the king’s court, and give the reasons for their trial.

Answer: There were different persons who were tried in the king’s court. These were : the merchant, the bricklayer, the dancing girl and the goldsmith. The merchant and the bricklayer did not build a strong wall. The dancing girl disturbed the bricklayer. The goldsmith did not make the ornaments in time.

Q4. Who is the real culprit according to the king? Why does he escape punishment?

Answer: The real culprit according to the king is the merchant because although his old father was the real murderer he was dead and someone had to be punishment in his place.
He escapes the punishment because he is too thin to be properly executed on the stake.

Q5. What are the Guru’s words of wisdom? When does the disciple remember them?

Answer: The Guru’s words of wisdom were that it was the city of fools and their unpredictable behaviour could create danger anytime. He advised the disciple to leave the city because he would not know what they would do next.
The disciple remembers these words when he was going to be executed in place of the merchant.

Q6. How does the guru manage to save his disciple’s life?

Answer: The Guru arrived on time to save his disciple and created a drama. He told the king that it was not an ordinary stake and whoever went to the stake first would become the king in next life. The second to die would become his minister. The king wanted to avail himself of the opportunity. The Guru and his disciple were released. Thus the Guru managed to save his disciple’s life.

Talk About it

In Shakespeare’s plays the fool is not really foolish. If you have read or seen Shakespeare’s plays such as King Lear, As You Like It, Twelfth Night, you may talk about the role of the fool. Do you know any stories in your language about wise fools, such as Tenali Rama or Gopal Bhar? You can also read about them in Ramanujan’s collection of folk tales.

Answer: Classroom Activity.


  • Tales from Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb
  • Folk Tales from India: A Selection of Oral Tales from Twentytwo Languages Selected and Edited by A.K. Ramanujan
  • Classic Folk Tales from Around the World Edited by Robert Nye

Extra Questions of In the Kingdom of Fools

Q1. What two things were different in the kingdom of fools 7

Answer: Two things that were different in the Kingdom of fools were that the people worked in the night and slept during the day. Everything was sold at the same price. A ‘Dudu’ could buy a mass of rice as well as a bunch of bananas.

Q2. Why did the king want to punish the merchant 7

Answer: The king wanted to punish the merchant because the wall of his house and it fell on the thief killing him. Since the merchant had inherited his father’s wealth he inherited his sins too therefore, he should be punished.

Q3. What advice did the Guru give to the disciple before going out of the city ?

Answer: The Guru told his disciple that it was dangerous to stay in a Kingdom of fools. He said that there was no justice only foolish, unpredictable behaviour. According to him the kingdom would not last long.

Q4. What was so strange about the Kingdom of fools ?

Answer: The strange thing about the Kingdom of fools was that not only humans but animals were also made to sleep during the day. Everything in this kingdom used to come for a dudu.

Q5. Why does the disciple not want to leave the Kingdom of the fools ?

Answer: The disciple did not wanted to leave the place because of the sale of cheap eatables and other commodities and since everything was easily available and life seemed to be very simple and easy.

Q6. On what conditions did the Guru and his distiple agree to rule that kingdom ?

Answer: He laid the condition that he would be free to change all the old and foolish laws. Hence night was considered as night and day was regarded as a normal working day. Even persuaded prices were changed according to the value of the material.

Q7. How was the kingdom of fools different from any other place ?

Answer: Everything was different at the kingdom of fools. The night was considered as day and day as night. Not only the human beings even the animals stayed awake at night. Anything and everything could be bought for a Dudu.

Q8. How did the Guru and his disciple become the king and the minister of the kingdom?

Answer: The Guru knew that his king and his minister were fools. In order to save his disciple, Guru hatched a plan. He said that the first one to be executed at the state, would become the king in the next life and the second to be executed would be the king’s minister. The foolish king and his minister got themselves executed. As the kingdom was without king, the guru and his disciple were made the king and the minister.

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