International Trade MCQ Questions for Class 12 Geography Chapter 9 with Answers

Find here the NCERT chapter-wise Multiple Choice Questions from Class 12 Geography book Chapter 9 International Trade with Answers Pdf free download. This may assist you to understand and check your knowledge about the chapters. Students also can take a free test of the Multiple Choice Questions of International Trade. Each question has four options followed by the right answer. These MCQ Questions are selected supported by the newest exam pattern as announced by CBSE.

NCERT Chapters for Class 12 Geography Part. A

Fundamentals of Human Geography

Q1. Which of these trade blocs has India as an associate member?

(ii) SAFTA
(iii) OPEC
(iv) QECD

(ii) SAFTA

Q2. How many types of trade?

iii) Three
(iv) Four

(iv) Four

Q3. Identify the South American country from the following options which is a part of OPEC.

(i) Venezuela
(ii) Brazil
(iii) Peru
(iv) Chile

(i) Venezuela

Q4. The Headquarters of EU are at:

(i) London
(ii) Paris
(iii) Brussels
(iv) Berlin

(iii) Brussels

Q5. In which year GATT was formed?

(i) 1946
(ii) 1948
(iv) 1955

(ii) 1948

Q6. Identify the continent which has the maximum flow of global trade.

(i) Europe
(ii) Asia
(iii) Africa
(iv) North America

(iv) North America

Q8. Slave trade was abolished in the USA in:

(i) 1708
(ii) 1758
(iii) 1778
(iv) 1808

(iv) 1808

Q9. Which association is the largest single market in the world?

(i) EU
(iv) ASEAN

(iv) ASEAN

Q10. Most of the world’s important ports can be classified as __ ports.

(i) industrial
(ii) oil
(iii) naval
(iv) comprehensive

(iv) comprehensive

Q11. Silk route was between:

(i) China and Rome
(ii) China and India
(Q Japan and Sri Lanka
(iv) Africa and China

(i) China and Rome

Q12. Which of the following is an aspect of international trade?

(i) Volume of trade
(ii) Direction of trade
(iii) Composition of trade
(iv) All of these

(iv) All of these

Q14. Which of the following is the headquarters of WTO?

(i) Belgium
(ii) Indonesia
(iii) Switzerland
(iv) Austria

(iii) Switzerland

Q15. In which of the following trade blocks, is India an associate member?

(ii) QECD
(iii) ASEAN
(iv) OPEC


Q16. Most of the world’s great ports are classified as:

(i) Naval Ports
(ii) Oil Ports
(iii) Comprehensive Ports
(iv) Industrial Ports

(iii) Comprehensive Ports

Q17. Which of the following is a Oil port?

(i) Tripoli
(ii) Mumbai
(iii) London
(iv) New York

(i) Tripoli

Q18. What does the Latin word ‘Salarium’ mean?

(i) Non-payment of salary
(ii) Payment by salt
(iii) Trade in Salt by Sea
(iv) Barter of Salt for Silver

(ii) Payment by salt

Q19. Which is a river port?

(i) Mumbai
(ii) Kochi
(iii) Kolkata
(iv) Karachi

(iii) Kolkata

Q20. Name the service land in and around the port.

Answer:- Hinterland.

Q21. Name the types of trade between the countries?

Answer:- Bilateral.

Q22. Name the International Organization dealing with Global rules of trade between Nations.

Answer:- WTO.

Q23. What do you mean by balance of trade?

Answer:- Difference between export and import.

Q24. Define the term Hinterland.

Answer:- Survival land in and around port.

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