Landscape of the Soul NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Chapter 4 with Answers

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NCERT Solutions Class 11 English Hornbill Prose

Understanding the text

Q1. (i) Contrast the Chinese view of art with the European view with examples.

Answer: Chinese painting art is imaginative and spiritual in nature, whereas European paintings are based on actual views or real objects. The paintings of Wu Daozi and master painters from Europe demonstrate the disparity between the perspectives of two distinct arts.

(ii) Explain the concept of shanshui.

Answer: In Chinese, Shanshui means “mountain-water”. It depicts the style of Chinese painting that is related to natural landscapes. However, they have an underlying deep meaning as mountain and water together form the landscape with mountain representing warmth and dryness that lies vertically while water on the other hand is cool, moist and lies horizontally.

Q2. (i) What do you understand by the terms ‘outsider art’ and ‘art brut’ or ‘raw art’?

Answer: Outside art is created by those who have not received any formal training in yet their work exhibits excellence. 80-year old, creator-director Nek Chand of Chandigarh was an exponent of ‘art brut’. The Rock Garden of Chandigarh which is his creation, a masterpiece of sculpture, of stone and recycled material shows his ingenuity at its best. He is globally honoured. “Raw Vision”, a UK-based magazine featured Nek Chand and his Rock Garden collection. There were shows hosted and one particular interactive show “Realm of Nek Chand” was held at leading museums in Switzerland, Belgium, France and Italy in his honour. Nek Chand had no formal training in art. Therefore his art is called ‘Outsider Art’ or ‘Art brut’.

(ii) Who was the “untutored genius who created a paradise” and what is the nature of his contribution to art?

Answer: An 80-year-old creator-director, Nek Chand from India was the “untutored genius who created a paradise”. He made a garden known to the world today as the ‘Rock Garden’ at Chandigarh. He contributed to outsider art, sculpted stones and used recycled materials.

Talking about the text

Discuss the following statements in groups of four.

Q1. “The Emperor may rule over the territory he has conquered, but only the artist knows the way within.”

Answer: This phrase has tried to depict the strength of an artist and his capacity to create a deep connection with his artwork which is sacred and pious enough for anybody to prevent from entering into it and interfering. The Tang Emperor Xuanzong may be capable enough to rule over the territory which was under his jurisdiction but he can never understand an artist and his passion for his artwork. Every artist is unique in his way and can establish a divine relationship with his art that is impossible for a non-artist to understand.

Q2. “The landscape is an inner one, a spiritual and conceptual space.”

Answer: The Chinese painter’s landscape is not life like, it is not meant to reproduce an actual view. It is created from several points of view as he has not chosen a single viewpoint. The viewer can enter it from any point and then travel in it. It requires the active participation of the viewer who has to decide at what pace, he will travel through the painting—a participation that is physical as well as mental. This is what is the artist’s creation—leaving spaces for the viewer to interpret his art work from his own perspective. The landscape thus is an inner one, a spiritual and conceptual space.

Thinking about language

Q1. Find out the correlates of Yin and Yang in other cultures.

Answer: In Christianity, this can be seen in the struggle between being heaven for those who repent of sin and hell for those who do not. In Vedanta philosophy in the Gita this can be seen in the division between Akshara, the invisible soul and the Kshara, the visible body. Similarly many other cultures have similar binaries between black and white, good and evil and so on.

Q2. What is the language spoken in Flanders?

Answer: In Flanders, the most spoken language is French.

Working with words

I. The following common words are used in more than one sense

panel studio brush
essence material

Examine the following sets of sentences to find out what the words, ‘panel’ and ‘essence’ mean in different contexts.

Q1. (i) The masks from Bawa village in Mali look like long panels of decorated wood.

Answer: A flat rectangular piece of wood

(ii) Judge H. Hobart Grooms told the jury panel he had heard the reports.

Answer: A small group of people selected to pass a judgement

(iii) The panel is laying the groundwork for an international treaty.

Answer: A small group of people selected to represent a larger group

(iv) The glass panels of the window were broken.

Answer: A flat rectangular piece of glass, which is part of a window

(v) Through the many round tables, workshops and panel discussions, a consensus was reached.

Answer: A small group of people that participates in a discussion amongst themselves

(vi) The sink in the hinged panel above the bunk drains into the head.

Answer: A rectangular case used to keep something

Q2. (i) Their repetitive structure must have taught the people around the great composer the essence of music.

Answer: What goes into composing music

(ii) Part of the answer is in the proposition; but the essence is in the meaning.

Answer: The actual answer

(iii) The implications of these schools of thought are of practical essence for the teacher.

Answer: Practically the most important aspect

(iv) They had added vanilla essence to the pudding.

Answer: A strong liquid used to add flavour

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