A Short Monsoon Diary MCQ Questions Class 8 English Chapter 8 with Answers

We have compiled the NCERT/CBSE chapter-wise Multiple Choice Class 8 English Chapter 8 A Short Monsoon Diary with Answers by expert subject teacher for latest syllabus and examination. Prepare effectively for the exam taking the help of the Class 8 English Objective Questions PDF free of cost from here. Students also can take a free test of the Multiple Choice Questions of A Short Monsoon Diary. Each question has four options followed by the right answer. Download the Chemistry Quiz Questions with Answers for Class 8 Pdf and prepare to help students understand the concept very well.

Class 8 English MCQ Questions with Answers Honeydew Prose

Q1. To Whom is Bijju calling through the mist?

(i) The author
(ii) His master
(iii) His sister
(iv) His father

(iii) His sister

Q2. The hillsides are lush because of the appearance of flowers during

(i) Rarly monsoon
(ii) mid monsoon
(iii) late monsoon
(iv) end of monsoon

(iii) late monsoon

Q3. Whom was Bijju calling?

(i) His mother
(ii) His friend
(iii) His sister
(iv) Poet

(iii) His sister.

Q4. How is the author untouched by the rain?

(i) The rain is not directly pouring on him
(ii) He is in the house
(iii) The rain has stopped
(iv) None of these

(i) The rain is not directly pouring on him

Q5. The author cannot see Bijju because

(i) he is not in the line of his eyes
(ii) it is misty
(iii) it is night
(iv) he is blind.

(ii) it is misty

Q6. Whom did the leopard lifted from near the servants quarter below the school?

(i) Cat
(ii) Dog
(iii) Rabbit
(iv) All of these

(ii) Dog.

Q7. Which were the new animals during monsoon?

(i) Scarlet minivets
(ii) New crops
(iii) New fruits
(iv) Some insects

(i) Scarlet minivets

Q8. The ‘good sound’ is produced by

(i) rain only
(ii) tin roofs only
(iii) rain and tin roofs
(iv) rain and leaks.

(iii) rain and tin roofs

Q9. Which female birds are yellow mentioned in this story?

(i) Drongo
(ii) Cuckoo
(iii) Scarlet minivet
(iv) Dove

(iii) Scarlet minuet.

Q10. Who came along with the minivets?

(i) A pair of drongos
(ii) Some birds Some
(iii) Insects
(iv) butterflies

(i) A pair of drongos

Q11. The word ‘springing’ here means

(i) jumping
(ii) creating
(iii) a season
(iv) finishing.

(ii) creating

Q12. Which bird contrive to go unnoticed?

(i) Turkey
(ii) Scarlet Minivets
(iii) Swan
(iv) Woodpecker

(ii) Scarlet minivets.

Q13. Which all flowers were displayed on hills?

(i) Ground orchids
(ii) Magenta dahlias
(iii) Wild dahlias
(iv) All of these

(iv) All of these

Q14. The author could hear Bijju but could not see him because of

(i) the distance
(ii) the wall
(iii) the mist
(iv) the fact that he was not in the line of his vision

(iii) the mist

Q15. All night the —- has been drumming on the corrugated tin roof’

(i) Storm
(ii) Rain
(iii) Thunder
(iv) Lightning

(ii) Rain.

Q16. When does the rain stop?

(i) On Aug. 1
(ii) On Aug. 2
(iii) On Aug. 3
(iv) On Aug. 4

(iii) On Aug. 3

Q17. The drongos

(i) sing like minivets
(ii) are very beautiful
(iii) are there in all seasons
(iv) charge the minivets away

(iv) charge the minivets away

Q18. Who was chopping up sticks?

(i) Woman
(ii) Girl
(iii) Man
(iv) Farmer

(i) Woman.

Q19. What is a woman doing?

(i) Chopping up sticks
(ii) Cooking food
(iii) Washing clothes
(iv) Warming herself near the fire

(i) Chopping up sticks

Q20. The sound of the falling rain on tin roof

(i) disturbs the author in his reading
(ii) helps the author to read
(iii) annoys the author
(iv) makes the author leave that place

(ii) helps the author to read

Q21. In the oak tree, a —– shakes the raindrops from his feathers and caws disconsolately’

(i) Cuckoo
(ii) Crow
(iii) Drongo
(iv) Sparrow

(ii) Crow.

Q22. Which flower’s seed turn red to signify the end of rain?

(i) Cobra lily
(ii) Tulip
(iii) Hyacinth
(iv) Cactus flower

(i) Cobra lily.

Q23. Do not kill it,” – who said this?

(i) The author
(ii) Grandmother
(iii) Bijju
(iv) None of these

(ii) Grandmother.

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