Rain on the Roof Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 3 with Answers

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CBSE Solutions Class 9 English Beehive Poems

Thinking about the Poem

I. Q1. What do the following phrases mean to you? Discuss in class.

(i) humid shadows

Answer: “Humid shadows” refer to the dark clouds that produce rain.

(ii) starry spheres

Answer: starry spheres: it refers to the sky that is usually full of stars

(iii) what a bliss

Answer: What a bliss: The poet feels happy when he listens to the rain drops.

(iv) a thousand dreamy fancies into busy being start

Answer: This refers to the various imaginary thoughts and fantasies that are aroused in the poet’s mind

(v) a thousand recollections weave their air-threads into woof

Answer: a thousand recollections weave their air-threads into woof- it means that poet feels as if his old memories are being woven in front of him.

Q2. What does the poet like to do when it rains?

Answer: When it rains, the poet feels delighted to lie with his head pressed against the pillow of his cottage chamber bed and listen to the patter of the soft rain.

Q3. What is the single major memory that comes to the poet? Who are the “darling dreamers” he refers to?

Answer: The single major memory that comes to the poet is of his mother and her fond look on the poet. Darling dreamers that the poet refers to are the poet and his siblings who were sent to sleep by the poet’s mother every day.

Q4. Is the poet now a child? Is his mother still alive?

Answer: No, the poet is not a child. His mother is no more. But her memories still haunt him.

II. Q1. When you were a young child, did your mother tuck you in, as the poet’s did?

Answer: Yes, my mother used to tuck me in when I was a child. Whenever I said that I could not do some work, she embraced me and took me in her lap to get that work done. She used to feel sad and dejected if I was involved in any mishap.

Q2. Do you like rain? What do you do when it rains steadily or heavily as described in the poem?

Answer: Yes, I like when it rains. When it rains heavily, I like to listen to the patter of the rain on the overhead and to look at the drops falling on the leaves of the plants.

Q3. Does everybody have a cosy bed to lie in when it rains? Look around you and describe how different kinds of people or animals spend time, seek shelter etc. during rain.

Answer: When it rains, not everybody has the privilege of a warm bed to relax in. Not everyone gets to experience the cosiness of a warm house when it rains. Animals have been seen seeking shelter beneath trees and the tin roofs of roadside tea stalls. People on the street swat these critters away and try to cram them into the establishments’ limited space. The wretched creatures are left shivering and soaked on the roadways. Visitors who are waiting for the rain to stop usually purchase tea and snacks, which makes the proprietors of such kiosks quite happy.

Extra Questions of Rain on the Roof

Q1. What finds an echo in the poet’s heart and what starts weaving in his mind?

Answer: When the drops of rain fall on shingles, they make a tinkling sound. The tinkling sound echoes his heart. A thousand old memories weave their air-threads into pattering sounds. Lying in his bed, the poet is listening to the pattering sound of the rain falling on the roof.

Q2. What is the message of the poem “Rain on the Roof”?

Answer: The poem “Rain on the Roof” conveys the concept that nature has a huge impact on people. Rain affects the poet’s feelings. He begins to reflect on his past, notably his mother and her love for him. Rain heals the poet’s inner self in the same way that it heals the earth. The poet is in a state of happiness while listening to the rain.

Q3. Who is the poet of the poem “Rain on the Roof”?

Answer: The poem “Rain on the Roof” is written by the poet Coates Kinney. The detailed overview and summary of this chapter can be obtained on the Vedantu Mobile app or on the Vedantu website (vedantu.com) for free.

Q4. What shows that the poet loved his mother?

Answer: The poet loved his mother. He remembered her when he lied on his cozy bed to enjoy the sound of rain. It appeared to him as if she was fondly looking at him.

Q5. In the Poem “Rain on The Roof,” What Feelings About the Rain do the Poet Express?

Answer: At the very beginning of the poem, the poet compares rain to tears of the dark, gloomy clouds. However, while he lies in his cottage chamber bed, he listens to the patter of raindrops on the shingles. This derives him the most pleasure, and he is lost in fantasies and memories.

Q6. How does the memory of his mother haunt the poet?

Answer: During the pattering sound of the rain falling on the roof, the memory of his mother haunts the poet. This memory has been haunting him quite often like every darling dreamer. His mother is no more. But he still feels her fondness of looking on him. He remembers her while writing his song of rain.

Q7. How can the sweet moments of life help us?

Answer: When we remember the sweet moments of life, we forget every pain. Riches have no meaning. We can feel pleasure even in a cottage. In fact, when there is no peace in our heart, we cannot lead a peaceful life. Sweet moments refresh our brain and fill us with new energy. So, the sweet moments of life are the treasure of energy for us.

Q8. How does the poet describe the sky before the rain falls ?

Answer: There were dark clouds hovering around in the sky. They hid the stars with darkness all around. The poet compares the darkness with sadness, as these humid shadows gently weep which pours down rainy tears.

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