The Beggar NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 10 with Answers

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CBSE Solutions Class 9 English Moments

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Q1. Has Lushkoff become a beggar by circumstance or by choice?

Answer: Lushkoff became a beggar by circumstance. Formerly, he sang in a Russian choir, but was sent away for drunkenness. This led him to beg.

Q2. What reasons does he give to Sergei for his telling lies?

Answer: Lushkoff told the truth and accepted that he was a liar. Formerly he used to be a singer. He told lies to seek the favour of others. If he had spoken the truth none would have helped him. So, he decided to tell lies.

Q3. Is Lushkoff a willing worker? Why, then, does he agree to chop wood for Sergei?

Answer: He wasn’t a willing worker because he was too weak. He had lost his power and stamina as a result of his drinking habit, and he was also a middle-aged man. Lushkoff is sluggish because of malnutrition and alcoholism. He is well aware that he is unable to work. Because of his pride and shame, he consented to chop wood, and he was trapped by his own words. Sergei, on the other hand, feels ashamed after his falsehoods are discovered. His conscience forces him to agree to the woodchopping.

Q4. Sergei says, “I am happy that my words have taken effect.”
Why does he say so? Is he right in saying this?

Answer: Sergei says, “I am happy that my words have taken effect.” He says so because he thinks that he is the reason why Lushkoff became a notary from being a beggar. This is partly true but Sergei is not the only one who made Lushkoff become who he was now.

Lushkoff says that although he is obliged to Sergei for showing him the right path and letting him do work of chopping wood at his home, his transformation is a result of Sergei’s cook, Olga. She was the one who chopped wood and not Lushkoff.

Q5. Lushkoff is earning thirty five roubles a month. How is he obliged to Sergei for this?

Answer: Earlier Sergei did not earn his livelihood honestly. He begs but he can work. So begging is morally wrong on his part. Now he earns his livelihood by hard work. He can raise his head in self-respect. This all is due to Sergei. So he feels obliged to Sergei for this.

Q6. During their conversation Lushkoff reveals that Sergei’s cook, Olga, is responsible for the positive change in him. How has Olga saved Lushkoff?

Answer: Olga was a social and sympathetic lady. She loved humanity. She realised the condition of Lushkoff and tried her best to improve the same. She did the work of his part as she wanted to change him. She kept criticizing him in order to improve him. He realised her feelings towards him and a change took place in his heart. So, Olga was responsible for the positive change in him.


How can we help beggars/abolish begging?

Answer: The whole world is facing the nuisance of begging. The number of beggars is increasing day by day. Beggars can be seen at all public places. Some of the beggars have made it a business. It has become a serious problem. Our society and the government should take necessary steps to solve this problem. Global spread of education is required. Our government should pass strict laws against begging. Beggars should be given an opportunity to work. Financial support can be provided to them in order to set up some work. Beggars may be turned into skilled labourers. The government should set up beggar’s home only for the handicapped. Begging is a bad practice and is an impediment in the way of progress. So, we should discourage begging and beggars.


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