The Snake Trying Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 9 with Answers

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CBSE Solutions Class 9 English Beehive Poems

Thinking about the Poem

I. Q1. What is the snake trying to escape from?

Answer: The snake is trying to escape from the stick.

Q2. Is it a harmful snake? What is its colour?

Answer: No, it is not a harmful snake. It is green in colour.

Q3. The poet finds the snake beautiful. Find the words he uses to convey its beauty.

Answer: The poet finds the snake beautiful. The words that he uses to convey its beauty are: beautiful, graceful, glides, small and green.

Q4. What does the poet wish for the snake?

Answer: The poet wishes safety for the snake. It should not be killed by the man.

Q5. Where was the snake before anyone saw it and chased it away? Where does the snake disappear?

Answer: The snake was away from its secure area. It was basking in the sun along the sand. Finally, it disappears in the reeds.

II. Q1. Find out as much as you can about different kinds of snakes (from books in the library, or from the Internet). Are they all poisonous? Find out the names of some poisonous snakes.

Answer: Not all snakes are poisonous. Some of the poisonous snakes are: Cobra, Krait, Russell’s viper, Saw Scaled Viper and King Cobra.

Q2. Look for information on how to find out whether a snake is harmful.

Answer: There are many ways to find out whether a snake is harmful, some of which are listed below.

The poisonous snakes have
• Slit eyes (except coral snakes)
• Triangle-shaped head
• Depression between the eyes and the nostrils

Q3. As you know, from the previous lesson you have just read, there are people in our country who have traditional knowledge about snakes, who even catch poisonous snakes with practically bare hands. Can you find out something more about them?

Answer: Do it yourself.

Extra Questions of The Snake Trying

Q1. How does the snake escape and survive the pursuing stick?

Answer: A stick is aimed at the snake. The snake knows well that it can harm it. It has a sharp sense of smelling the coming danger. He also knows how to escape it. He glides away through the water away from the stroke. Finally, it vanishes in the green slim reeds.

Q2. Where does the snake vanish?

Answer: The snake does possess the instinct of survival. With sudden curvings of its body, he can escape from the stick aimed at him. The snake vanishes in the ripples among the green thin reeds.

Q3. How does the poet describe its shapes?

Answer: Even a dangerous and venomous creature like a snake has its fascinating appeal and beauty. The poet says that the snake makes beautiful and graceful shapes. It is mesmerized to see the zig-zag walk of the snake.

Q4. Why does the man want to kill the snake? How does the snake protect itself?

Answer: The man thinks that the snake is poisonous and hence it is better to kill it. He chases the snake with a stick. The snake is trying to escape at a great pace so that the man cannot reach and kill it. The movement of the snake is very graceful and elegant. The snake does not stick to one straight path but wends its way in and out of the path. At last, the snake floats over the water and hides itself into the green reeds. The snake has an instinct for its survival. It can smell and recognise the danger. It knows how to escape from it and reach to a safe place. It escapes the pursuing stick and its strike and finally vanishes into the green reeds.

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