The Sound of Music MCQ Questions for Class 9 English Chapter 2 with Answers

Find here the NCERT/CBSE chapter-wise Multiple Choice Questions from Class 9 English Beehive Prose book Chapter 2 The Sound of Music with Answers Pdf free download. This may assist you to understand and check your knowledge about the chapters. Students also can take a free test of the Multiple Choice Questions of The Sound of Music. Each question has four options followed by the right answer. These MCQ Questions are selected supported by the newest exam pattern as announced by CBSE.

MCQ Questions for Class 9 English Beehive Prose with Answers

Q1.When and where is shehnai played?

(i) in temples
(ii) in weddings
(iii) on auspicious occasions
(iv) all the options are right

(iv) all the options are right

Q2. What credit is given to Ustad Bismillah Khan regarding shehnai?

(i) inventing shehnai
(ii) inventing pungi
(iii) bring shehnai onto the classical stage
(iv) none of these

(iii) bring shehnai onto the classical stage

Q3. Who do you know is Bismillah Khan?

(i) a politician
(ii) a shehnai maestro
(iii) an actor
(iv) a writer

(ii) a shehnai maestro

Q4. Where did Bismillah Khan regularly go to sing Bhojpuri thaltat ?

(i) Bihariji Temple
(ii) Jama Masjid
(iii) Rumpurva Temple
(iv) Durga Temple

(i) Bihariji Temple

Q5. What was the name of Bismillah Khan’s father?

(i) Rasool Brix Khan
(ii) Paigambar Bux
(iii) All Bux
(iv) liazrat Rasool Kaar

(ii) Paugambar Bux

Q6. What was Bismillah Khan’s grandfather?

(i) a soldier
(ii) an actor
(iii) a courtier
(iv) the shehnai Nawaz of the Bhojpur King’s court

(iv) the shehnai Nawaz of the Bhojour King’s court

Q7. Which film is named after Bismillah’s instrument?

(i) Shehnai Ki Awaj
(ii) Shehnai Ka Raja
(iii) Shehnai Wala
(iv) Gunj Uthi Shehnai

(iv) Gunj Uthi Shehnai

Q8. Who was Ali Bux?

(i) Bismillah’s father
(ii) Bismillah’s grandfather
(iii) Bismillah’s maternal uncle
(iv) Bismillah’s friend

(iii) Bismillah’s maternal uncle

Q9. When was Bismillah Khan awarded the highest civilian award ‘Bharat Ratna’?

(i) in 2000
(ii) in 2001
(iii) in 2002
(iv) in 2003

(ii) in 2001

Q10. On August 15, 1947, which Raag was played by Bismillah Khan from the Red Fort?

(i) Raag Malhaar
(ii) Raag Deepak
(iii) Raag Kati
(iv) Raag Megh

(iii) Raag Kafi

Q11. According to Bismillah Khan, what is Hindustan’s richest tradition?

(i) earning money
(ii) music
(iii) spirituality
(iv) politics

(ii) music

Q12. Where is Lincoln Center Hall situated?

(i) UK
(ii) the USA
(iii) Canada
(iv) France

(ii) USA

Q13. Which men did give trouble to Evelyn?

(i) Men with big eyes
(ii) Men with long legs
(iii) Men with bushy beards
(iv) Men with cold hands

(iii) Men with bushy beards

Q14. Which is India’s highest civilian award?

(i) the Padmashri
(ii) the Padma Bhushan
(iii) the Padma Vibhushan
(iv) the Bharat Ratna

(iv) the Bharat Ratna

Q15. How did Evelyn perform at the audition of the Royal Academy of Music?

(i) Scored the second-highest
(ii) Scored the highest
(iii) Displayed bravery
(iv) Spoke fluently

(ii) Scored the highest

Q16. Tahar Mosiquee Ustaad Bismillah Khan auditorium is situated in :

(i) Montreal
(ii) Osaka
(iii) Teheran
(iv) Behrin

(iii) Teheran

Q17. How long was the course that Evelyn pursued at the Royal Academy of Music?

(i) 3 years
(ii) 2 years
(iii) 4 years
(iv) 3.5 years

(i) 3 years

Q18. Who spotted Evelyn’s potential?

(i) her father
(ii) friends
(iii) mother
(iv) Ron Forbes

(iv) Ron Forbes

Q19. Why did people discourage Evelyn to pursue music?

(i) it was not considered good
(ii) it was difficult
(iii) it was expensive
(iv) because she was deaf

(iv) because she was deaf

Q20. When was Evelyn’s deafness confirmed?

(i) by the age of 5
(ii) by the age of 6
(iii) by the age of 8
(iv) by the age of 11

(iv) by the age of 11

Q21. Which places had Evelyn worked for?

(i) poor children
(ii) prisons and hospitals
(iii) schools
(iv) none

(ii) prisons and hospitals

Q22. How is the Shehnai different from the Pungi?

(i) Shehnai has a better sound
(ii) Shehnai looks more beautiful
(iii) Shehnai is made of wood
(iv) All

(i) Shehnai has a better sound

Q23. Where did Bismillah give his first break through his performance?

(i) at the Red Fort
(ii) at Varanasi
(iii) at All India Radio
(iv) U.S.A

(iii) at All India Radio

Q24. Who all were present on the event of 15th August?

(i) Nehru
(ii) Gandhi
(iii) All eminent people
(iv) All

(iv) All

Q25. Who played Shahnayi at King’s palace?

(i) a barber
(ii) a musician
(iii) a singer
(iv) a courts man

(i) a barber

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MCQ Questions for Class 9 English with Answers Beehive Prose

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