The Story of Cricket MCQ Questions for Class 7 English Chapter 10 with Answers

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MCQ Questions for Class 7 English with Answers Honeycomb Prose

Q1. When did India enter the world of Test cricket?

(i) In 1930
(ii) in 1932
(iii) In 1950
(iv) in 1920

(ii) in 1932

Q2. A test match can gone on –

(i) One week
(ii) Five days
(iii) Ten days

(ii) Five days.

Q3. The world’s first Cricket Club was formed:

(i) in Australia
(ii) in Melbourne
(iii) in Africa
(iv) in Hambledon

(iv) in Hambledon

Q4. The length of the cricket pitch is.

(i) 20 yards
(ii) 21 yards
(iii) 22 yards
(iv) 23 yards

(iii) 22 yards

Q5. The first written ‘laws of cricket’ were drawn up in –

(i) 1974
(ii) 1477
(iii) 1744

(ii) 1744.

Q6. Cricket owes its present popularity to:

(i) Radio
(ii) Video
(iii) Television
(iv) Print Media

(iii) Television

Q7. The cricket ground can be.

(i) round
(ii) oval
(iii) either oval or round
(iv) none of these

(iii) either oval or round

Q8. The stumps in a cricket must be –

(i) 20 inches
(ii) 22 inches
(iii) 15 inches high

(ii) 22 inches.

Q9. Cricket has a large viewership in:

(i) China
(ii) Asia
(iii) Russia
(iv) India

(iv) India

Q10. The game’s centre of gravity has shifted to

(i) Africa
(ii) North India
(iii) South Korea
(iv) South Asia

(iv) South Asia

Q11. The world’s first cricket club was format in –

(i) Hambledon
(ii) Irak
(iii) India

(i) Hambledon.

Q12. Advancements in technology have affected:

(i) the game of billiards
(ii) the game of hockey
(iii) the game of cricket
(iv) the game of table-tennis

(iii) the game of cricket

Q13. Where are the origins of Indian cricket found?

(i) Bombay
(ii) Delhi
(iii) Calcutta
(iv) Madras

(i) Bombay

Q14. During the 1760s and 1760s it become common to –

(i) Roll the ball along the ground
(ii) Pitch the ball through the air
(iii) Play cricket rather than other games

(ii) Pitch the ball through the air.

Q15. The game of cricket traces its origin from _

(i) England
(ii) Mumbai
(iii) Maharashtra
(iv) Delhi

(i) England

Q16. Name some Parsi businessmen mentioned in this paragraph.

(i) The Ambanis
(ii) Tatas and Wadias
(iii) The Birlas
(iv) The Sahara Group

(ii) Tatas and Wadias

Q17. All the most important tools of cricket are made of –

(i) Natural materials
(ii) Plastic
(iii) Industrial material

(i) Natural materials.

Q18. Cricket has evolved with time by

(i) Television coverage
(ii) global marketing
(iii) satellite
(iv) all of these

(iv) all of these

Q19. Which type of matches are mostly liked by viewers?

(i) International Test Matches
(ii) One-day Matches
(iii) Twenty-Twenty Matches
(iv) Test Matches

(ii) One-day Matches

Q20. The blade of the cricket bat is made out of the –

(i) Wood of the willow tree
(ii) Leather
(iii) Twine

(i) Wood of the willow tree.

Q21. Where is Chepauk?

(i) Cricket stadium in Chennai
(ii) Cricket ground in Champaran
(iii) An almost circular stadium in Iceland
(iv) All of the above

(i) Cricket stadium in Chennai

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